Internship Report Format | Example of an Internship Report

Example of an Internship Report

Example of an Internship Report

The purpose of an internship is to develop professional skills in a hands-on environment. Because internships are a learning opportunity, it is important to evaluate the skills you have developed in your time with the company.

An internship report includes relevant details about your intern experience, such as a description of your position with the organization, the tasks you completed, and the skills you learned. The report is important for your boss because they may use this report to improve internship opportunities or lessons for incoming students. You will present this […]

Your internship report includes relevant details about your intern experience, such as a description of your position with the organization, the tasks you completed and the skills you learned. Your director may use this report to improve internship opportunities or lessons for incoming students.

Use the following steps to create your internship report:

1. Create a cover page for your internship report

Include a title or cover page with your name, class, date and the name of the organization. This separates your report from other interns who may also be submitting reports.

2. Draft a table of content

It can also be useful to include a table of contents with your internship report. This should be the first page in your report since it allows readers to navigate to the parts of the report they are most interested in reading.

3. Include Introduction of your firm and employer

Your report should include a relevant history of the organization. Include information like the date it was founded, the business’s purpose or mission statement, the types of tasks the company completes daily and any other relevant details. Context gives the reader a clearer understanding of your experience.

4. Explain what department of the company you worked in

The body of your internship report will focus on your experiences with the organization. Before detailing your experience and the lessons you learned, it can be useful to describe your position and responsibilities as an intern with the company. Doing so will give your reader a more complete overview of your internship and allow you to discuss your accomplishments in the role.

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5. Mention what you learned during the process

In the main portion of your internship report, you will describe the specific things you learned and the skills you cultivated. Relate these skills back to your educational experiences. Detail specific experiences within the organization that contributed to your development.

6. Conclude with other considerations

It can also be useful to consider the skills or experiences that you would still like to develop. For example, if you wish you had been able to get more direct client experience, discuss that. If you had hoped to be more involved in the technical aspect of the business, you could mention that as well. This process gives you insight into things you want to continue working on in your next position, while also recommending ways the organization can improve its internship program.

Remember, multiple individuals could read your internship report, including your internship supervisor and other company management. If the internship is part of your schooling, your instructor, classmates and other school officials might also read your report. Maintain a professional method of communication and carefully proofread your report before submitting it.

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Examples of internship reports

Depending on your intern position and the company, your internship report may be slightly different.

Here is an example of internship report by type of career:

Example for an MBA summer internship report

Title Page

Internship Report: Good Ventures

Jordan Rahim

Business Internship

June 3, 2018 to July 31, 2018

Good Ventures

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Description
  3. Learning
  4. Ongoing Considerations


Good Ventures provides real estate consultation services to the United States. With a top-five ranking in the real estate field, Good Ventures is sufficiently qualified to help customers make wise investment decisions.

From June to July 2018, I worked in Good Ventures’ residential investment section as an intern. There were 10 employees in total.


My duties at Good Ventures were consulting on fix-and-flips prices and advising about the best market seasons to invest. I also helped employees prepare financial reports based on profits from individual sales for June and July.


I learned how to use Good Ventures’ in-house software that compared company prices to market value. Although the company is very fast-paced and it was challenging to complete all of my duties, I gained valuable experience, learned how to manage my time and how to organize work to maximize efficiency.

Ongoing Considerations

In the two months with Good Ventures, I feel I was able to learn as much as I could. However, I would like to learn more about the real estate market, including how to price new builds and how to discuss mortgage services for first-time buyers.

This internship experience was important in building my business administration skills. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get practical experience.

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