JAMB Registration 2022/2023 Starting Date, Fee & Deadline [News]

Jamb Chemistry Questions And Answers
Jamb Chemistry Questions And Answers

I finally decided to write a Complete Guide on JAMB Registration 2022/2023 for prospective students that want to gain admission this year.

It’s estimated that over two-thirds of students who sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) yearly fail due to a lack of information. Don’t be a victim of such sad circumstances.

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To avoid that I would implore you to read through this article as it contains all information, you need to successfully register, sit and ace your forthcoming JAMB examination.

Feeling uneasy about JAMB is natural but it becomes worse and deteriorates when aspirants lack due information. In the article you will get to know about the following and more;

  • JAMB 2022 to 2023 registration date
  • How do I register for JAMB 2022/23?
  • What are the requirements for JAMB Registration 2022
  • JAMB registration 2022 fee
  • How are questions set, marked, and calculated
  • How to score a High mark in JAMB.

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JAMB Registration 2022 Starting Date & Deadline

However one can guess from close observation and review of past dates that registration is most likely to commence by late March or early February because most institutions are done with 2021 admission processes.

JAMB 2022 Starting Date: 6th of May 2022
JAMB 2022 Closing Date: 16th of May 2022

How Much is JAMB Registration Form 2022/2023 ?

The official price for UTME registration form is Three thousand five hundred (3,500) nairaDon’t be too happy just yet. You will also pay an additional seven hundred naira (N700) for Computer Based Test center (CBT) charges and five hundred naira (N500) for recommended literature text.How long does it take to pay? Once forms are released it’s always advisable to obtain the form as fast as possible to avoid being posted to faraway places for exams.Now to the question of duration, it takes a minimum of two months and sometimes more depending on the situation.Another thing you should know as a prospective undergraduate is that JAMB is a Computer Based Test (CBT). So it’s best to have familiarized oneself with the usage of computer well before proceeding for the exam.

How To Register For JAMB 2022 Online

When one sees this question he/she might feel like of course, I can get it done at any cyber cafe close to my area. If that’s your intention, you are wrong. JAMB forms can’t be obtained in cyber cafes. Instead, JAMB forms can only be gotten at accredited CBT centers. Now you need to note, we have more than a hundred CBT centers across Nigeria that are not accredited, and if you, unfortunately, fall into their hands. I’m sorry to say, your money is gone. How do I know accredited CBT centers? At present, there are six hundred and eighty-nine (689) accredited CBT centers across Nigeria. So the best thing for you as an aspirant is to look through the list of accredited centers and check the ones that are closer to your residential areas. To get the full list of centers visit: https://www.jamb.gov.ng/Accreditted_Centres
During registration, you will be asked sensitive questions like where you stay and where you would love to sit for your exam. Please don’t confuse that for the state of origin, because any area chosen is where you will be posted for the exam.

Requirements For JAMB Registration 2022

First and foremost, every aspirant should note that National Identification Number (NIN) has been made compulsory as a requirement for 2022 registration. No NIN, no registration. So I would advise all aspirants reading this to get their National Identification Number (NIN) gotten before the commencement of registration and exams. Aside from having NIN, there are a lot of things students need to know before going to examination centers.

As some would say or you might have heard some said that for one to register for JAMB, he or she must have written the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

I want to use this medium to tell and assure you that this is untrue. So if you haven’t written WASSCE before JAMB registration commences you are on the good side, however, you must be willing to write it (SSCE) the same year. All you have to do is to indicate during registration that you will be using awaiting result , that is, you don’t have a result yet.
At the same time, you might be wondering what the minimum age for UTME is, well as for that you must be 16 and above to register for JAMB. Now to 2022 JAMB registration proper, the following must be beforehand for a successful registration.
First a functional email. , make sure this mail can be easily accessed by you anytime, anywhere. As necessary information will be passed to students through this mail.

Another thing needed is a functional phone number. This is also important as vital information about exams will be communicated through these numbers. Also included in the purchase of e-pins and generation of profile code, can be done at accredited computer-based test (CBT) centers. You don’t need to fuss about this because it can be gotten without stress.

Lastly, make sure all information supplied to your registrar is correct, and make sure you print out your registration slip.

Choosing institutions and courses in JAMB 2022

It should be noted that during JAMB registration, applicants will be asked to fill in four different higher institutions of learning. First is a federal University, second must be a state university and third choice should be a college of education and last choice must be a polytechnic or educational institute.

For the first choice, aspirants are to pick any federal University of their choice. Examples of federal universities are; University of Ibadan (UI), University of Ilorin (Unilorin), University of Lagos (Unilag), Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), University of Benin (Uniben), Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) just to mention a few.

There are many more federal universities than the ones listed above, so you can kindly search for your preferred university on the internet. Also, it’s always advisable to pick universities located in one’s state of origin to increase the chances of gaining admission. However, not all universities use this system unless your state falls under ELds (education less privileged), because Students who come from education less privileged states are always given special consideration during admission. States that fall under ELds include; Zamfara, Sokoto, Gombe, Yobe, and many more.

As for state universities, the same modalities should be observed as written for the first above. Some of the popular state universities in Nigeria are; Lagos State University (Lasu), Kwara State University (Kwasu), Olabisi Onabanjo State University (OOU), etc
The third choices are for polytechnic while the last is for college of educations. A good number of students (aspirants) often get confused when it comes to picking the right courses. It’s a culture that everyone has one or two courses he/she wants to study. But to what extent do you know about your course of study.? Does the university you picked even offers the course. All these are what aspirants are to consider before picking any university or course?. Check your preferred university’s portal to confirm.

If the course is present there continue with your registration but if otherwise pick another university that offers that course or change to a different course Also, it’s pertinent that you as an aspirant must know that admission is given mostly based on merit. So the higher your jamb score and WASSCE grades , the better your chances of gaining admission.

How to score high in the JAMB 2022 Exam

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