How To Obtain NECO GCE Registration Form For 2022 2023 (November/December) SSCE Internal Examination [Released And Published Online]

NECO GCE Registration Form For 2022 2023

Latest update on: NECO GCE Registration Form For 2022 2023. This post will focus on everything you need to know on how to successfully register for the National Examination Council, NECO GCE 2021 Exam. Is National Examination Council (NECO) GCE Registration Form out?

How To Obtain NECO GCE Registration Form For 2021/2022 (November/December) SSCE Internal Examination [Released And Published Online]

Latest update on: NECO Registration Form 2022 2023. This post will focus on everything you need to know on how to successfully register for the National Examination Council, NECO GCE Registration Form For 2022 2023

Is National Examination Council (NECO) GCE Registration Form out?

The National Examination Council, NECO wishes to inform all Secondary School that the sales of form and registration for its 2022 | 2023 June/July Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) Internal School Candidates is now opened.

NECO came on board during the administration of Adulsalami Abubakar the then head of state of Nigeria in 1999. NECO was created with true sole motive to offer subsidized registration of exams to candidates in Nigeria. This body came on board and took over the responsibilities of the then National Board of Education Measurement (NBEM). The first Exams conducted by NECO took place in 2000.

The body is responsible for the conduct and administering of exams for the National Common Entrance Examination, Junior Secondary School Examination, and Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations.

All interested candidates who wish to write the 2022 | 2023 (NECO) SSCE Exams are hereby advised to check out how to obtain/apply for NECO GCE Registration Form For 2022 2023, registration requirements, registration starting/closing date, application fee and other registration details for the 2022/2023 NECO Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) Exams.

When Will NECO GCE Registration Form For 2022 2023 Registration Start

The National Examination Council (NECO) registration form is out! and NECO has started the registration for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination Nationwide. Candidates are to commence their registration.


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How To Register For NECO GCE 2022 2023 June/July SSCE Examination

Below are the 2022/2023 NECO Registration Instructions and details for June/July SSCE Exam. Kindly read and clearly understand the requirements outlined below to register for the 2022 2023 NECO June/July SSCE Examination.


Principals/Commandants of schools are hereby informed that only candidates in their final year of Senior Secondary School i.e. (SS3) are eligible for registration. For the avoidance of doubt, the 2022 2023 June/July SSCE is meant for only school-based candidates in Nigeria and overseas. It is not meant for private candidates. Principals/Commandants of schools and States Ministries of Education should endeavor to enforce the eligibility condition.


NECO GCE registration form is now on sale and available for purchase both OFFLINE and Online.


Schools are to install the 2022 2023 SSCE Internal offline application by downloading from the Council’s website: The user manual on the step-by-step offline and online registration procedure can also be downloaded from the Council’s website. Schools are to make all entries of their candidates’ bio-data offline and intermittently synchronize online to avoid loss of data. Ensure that all prospective Candidates are registered offline, such that as they pay, they could be uploaded online progressively. Please note that a candidate is only registered if his/her offline entries are uploaded online to obtain a registration number. Online upload is only possible upon payment of registration fees.


Biometric data capturing is a process by which candidates’ fingerprints (10 fingers) are captured during offline registration. The Biometric application can be downloaded from the Council’s website or through the SSCE Internal Dashboard. It is a vital part of the offline registration because without it, candidates’ data cannot be uploaded online. FUTRONIC (FS80H) should be used for the data capturing. Schools are to ensure that candidates crosscheck their data (Name, Picture, Date of Birth, Sex, Subjects, etc.) on the preview page during the Biometric capturing and can go back to the Offline application to correct any error detected by the candidate(s).

The Council should be notified of any physically challenged candidate(s) whose fingerprints cannot be captured during offline registration process. Schools should NOTE that:

  • Duplication of registration will not be entertained since no two biometric data are the same.
  • No person(s)/candidate(s) should be allowed to capture their fingerprints on behalf of the rightful candidate(s) as any candidate whose biometric data does not match the data uploaded during verification exercise will be deemed to be impersonating.


Visually impaired candidates are to be registered like everyone. However, the nature of their disability is to be indicated correctly when making entry of their bio-data in the offline application during registration. Visually impaired candidates are of two categories:

  • Low Vision
  • Complete Blindness


After successful offline registration, schools are to do the offline bio-data validation before uploading registration data online. Candidates are to check and make all corrections of Name, Picture, Date of Birth, Sex, Subjects etc., before uploading the registration data online.



Upon completion of the offline registration, schools are to print the offline photocards of all the candidates from the offline application and issue to each candidate to confirm that his/her Picture, Name, State, Local Government Area (LGA), Date of Birth, Sex and the Subjects he/she wishes to sit for are all correct. Where errors are discovered, candidates should correct such errors on the photocard and sign in the appropriate column. Where there are no errors, Candidates should just sign the appropriate column. All signed photocards are to be returned to the person doing the registration to enter all corrections in the offline application. NOTE THAT ALL CORRECTIONS MUST BE DONE OFFLINE AND DUPLICATION OF REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED. The Council is
not liable for any registration errors committed by schools during registration and will only entertain non-validation after schools have uploaded their entries online upon payment of fine.

Please note that any school that requests for correction of Name (only error in spelling of Name will be entertained), Picture, Date of Birth, Sex or Subject(s) is deemed to have indulged in “NON-VALIDATION”. The penalty fee for non-validation is Seven Thousand Naira (N7,000.00) only per candidate irrespective of the nature of non-validation.
After effecting all corrections, the validation list should be printed and given to candidates to further confirm that all the corrections they made on their photocards (if any) have been duly effected. Where Candidates discover on the Validation List that the error(s) were not effected, the attention of the person doing the registration should be drawn to effect the correction(s). Candidates should append
their signatures on the corrected copy of the Validation list against their respective names. The signed offline validation list is one of the documents to be returned to respective NECO State Offices along with other Validation Documents.


Each School must be activated by the NECO State Officer of each respective State and FCT before payment and upload could be possible. Schools are to return the Validation Documents to their respective State Officers, who would thereafter, activate the School for payment of the required candidates to conclude the registration.
The validation Documents to be returned to NECO State Offices before activation are:

  • Validation List duly signed by the candidates
  • Candidates’ signed Photocards
  • Entry Schedule duly endorsed by the State Ministry of Education
  • Subject Analysis

Schools are to note that Centre activation commences on 10th January, 2022.


All payments should strictly be made through the school’s online NECO portal. Upon successful payment, registration quota is allocated according to the amount paid into the NECO TSA. After the quota is allocated, schools can select the individual candidates to upload (if the payment is not for all candidates) by checking the selection boxes against each candidate’s name or clicking the “check all “box to select the entire candidates, if the payment is for all the candidates. Note that when paying in installments, initial payment should be made for at least 20 candidates to avoid being surcharged for unviable center fee.

After successful payment, quotas allocated and the payment receipt is sent to the administrator’s email address. Schools can also print their payment receipt from the transaction history in their school profile and submit a copy to the NECO State Office along with the final Validation list that carries Candidates’ registration numbers. The allocated quota would be used to upload and register candidates. After successful upload, registration numbers are automatically assigned to each registered candidate on both the final photocard and validation list. Immediately after completion of the registration, schools should print the final validation list and give all candidates to sign against their respective names. The payment receipt and the signed final validation list should be endorsed by the School Principal/Commandant before submission to NECO State Office. The final photocards that bear the candidates’ registration numbers are to be used for admission of candidates into the examination hall(s), as well as for candidates’ biometric verification exercise during the examination.


Details of the Examination fees and other registration materials are as follows:

  • Registration fee for the 2022 SSCE Internal is N17,800.00 only per candidate
  • Photo album is N1,700.00 per pair
  • Four-figure table is N250.00 per copy
  • Syllabus is N1,500.00 per copy
  • Unviable Centre fee is N50,000.00
  • Late Registration attracts a Penalty of additional N2,000.00 per candidate
  • Note that Stamp Duty, Service and Remita charges apply


The minimum number of candidates to be registered by a school is 20 (twenty). Any school registering less than twenty candidates is deemed unviable and as such shall pay unviable centre fee of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) only, if they wish to write the examination in their school.


The electronic photo albums will be generated by the Council. A pair of purchased e-photo album will be endorsed and a copy sent to your school. Each e-photo album has provision for 171 candidates. A pair of e-photo album costs One Thousand Seven Hundred Naira (N1,700) only.


The syllabus for NECO SSCE is available at the cost of One Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N1,500) only per copy and each school is advised to have at least four (4) copies. Furthermore, each candidate is to obtain a copy of NECO four-figure tables at the cost of Two Hundred and Fifty Naira (N250.00) only.


The period for CA3 entries by schools is from 27th June – 20th August, 2022. Schools should ensure that they use the offline application to make entries for CA3 within the stipulated period, ensure complete upload and print CA3 for reference purpose.
Procedure for CA3 entry and upload:

  • Login to the Offline portal
  • Click on Third Year CA menu
  • Select the Candidate
  • Make entries for CA3 and save
  • Connect online and upload by synchronizing all saved entries

Any school that fails to upload the CA3 within the stipulated period stated above, will pay penalty fee
of Twenty-five Thousand Naira (N25,000.00), then upload before result is released.
Any school still having candidates (partial or full) without CA3 for 2019, 2020 and 2021 registration
should endeavor to pay the late submission penalty fee of Twenty-five Thousand Naira (N25,000.00) only for the specific year and also upload the CA3 immediately as this is why your
candidates are yet to receive their results.


For Direct Mobile Gets Answers Direct on their phones some MIDNIGHT before the Exam commence


Online center dispute is the procedure for changing the schools’ login detail for those that could not access their portal on the NECO website due to one reason or the other. Schools are advised to always use an official email address as this will stop the constant changing of login details. However, all dispute request should henceforth be officially channeled through the
various State Offices. This is to authenticate the request and stop unauthorized parties gaining
access into schools’ portal without their consent, as experienced lately.


a. The registration period is between Monday 13th December, 2021 and Monday 30th May,

b. The website will be closed at 12:00 midnight on 30th May, 2022.

c. The last date for return of printed payment receipt and endorsed final validation list is Friday
17th June, 2022.



The Examination centers for each state have been grouped into Neighborhood. Candidates should select a Neighborhood within the State where they intend to sit for the Examination and they will automatically be assigned a center within the selected neighborhood after uploading their registration data online.

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NECO GCE 2022 General Information.

  1. The Registration fee, once paid, is not refundable.
  2. The use of reputable cyber cafes is highly recommended as the Council will not be liable for registration errors committed by candidates. (A list of suggested cyber cafes nationwide where candidates can log on to register are available on the NECO website – Internet Service Operators – or are physically on display at our State offices nationwide.)
  3. Candidates should carefully follow the instructions on the online scratch card before registration.
  4. Candidates should study the Regulations and Syllabuses before registration.
  5. Candidates should note that their uploaded image/photograph during the registration will be embossed on their certificates.
  6. Smoking, cellular phones and other electronic communication devices are not allowed in the examination hall.
  7. Candidates should dress in mufti, and no one will be allowed entry into the examination hall with arms.
  8. Multiple entries are not allowed. Candidates who register more than once will have their entire results cancelled.
  9. Candidates who damage or lose their scratch cards before registration will have to purchase another card.
  10. Please note that No candidate shall be allowed into an examination hall once an examination commences.
  11. Wearing of face mask in the exam hall is compulsory.
  12. Social and physical distancing in the examination hall or classroom will be strictly enforced/observed.
  13. Every candidate should bring into the examination hall or classroom his/her own hand sanitiser.
  14. A candidate showing symptoms of COVID-19 in the course of the examination will not be allowed to continue until he/’she is certified to be medically fit.