University of Abuja postgraduate school fees 2023 Form | Requirements

University of Abuja postgraduate school fees

University of Abuja postgraduate school fees 2023

Today, we will talk about how to find out all information you need on the university of Abuja post graduate programs, you will find out when the post graduate form will be out and the cost of the form. Are you interested in finding out how much the university of Abuja school fees per session is?

University of Abuja is well known in Nigeria today as one of the premium Universities. If you want to Meet people or students with class then you talk about UNIABUJA. The university being located in the Federal capital territory attracts students from all over Nigeria.

University of Abuja Postgraduate Form 2023

Want to study a degree programme in university postgraduate school? You are highly invited into this well known popular noble institution.

University of Abuja Postgraduate requirements 2023

You must have at least 5 credits in your O level results, this should be very relevant to your course. If you are intrested in applying  for M.A., M.Ed., M. Eng., MVPH, MVPM and M.Sc. degrees? It’s important you get a Bachelor’s degree first, this BSc must be either second class lower or higher.

Want to apply for M.A., M.Ed., M. Eng., MVPH, MVPM and M.Sc. degrees? It’s important you get a Bachelor’s degree first, this BSc must be either second class lower or higher.

  • Applying for Ph.D. Please get at least 60% (4 points) in the Master’s Degree while postgraduate Diploma applications please get a university degree (minimum grade of third class or) or HND (lower credit)
  • MBBS, BDS is required for MPH Community Medicine while health related degree is required for MPH Reproductive Health.
  • PhD, candidates write 500 words research proposal, please don’t exceed that.

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How to Apply for UNIABUJA Postgraduate Admission 2023

  1. The university of Abuja postgraduate website is @
  2. To start your application process click on Postgraduate School and fill the form with your right information.

Note: the application form is just 20,500 naira only. Payment are done via the university of Abuja portal through the a third party known as REMITA.

The University of Abuja Postgraduate School Fees Schedule 2022/2023 Academic Session.

2 MASTERS IN SCIENCE 60,000 39,500 99,500
3 Ph.D ARTS 90,000 39,500 129,500
5 Ph.D NATURAL SCIENCE 80,000 39,500 119,500
6 LL.M 125,000 39,500 164,500
7 MASTERS IN PHILOSOPHY 140,000 39,500 179,500
8 Ph.D LAW 150,000 39,500 189,500
9 PDGE 40,000 39,000 79,000
10 PGDA/BA/PS/EPP & OTHER PGDs 85,000 39,000 124,000
11 MBA EXECUTIVE 250,000 39,500 289,500
12 MBA FULL-TIME 150,000 39,500 189,500
13 MPA/MIRD/MEPP/MFE 150,000 39,500 189,500

UNIABUJA postgraduate courses 2019/2020

Things to know about UNIABUJA 2019/2020

  • The university of Abuja was established to encourage advanced learning in all field of study.
  • The institution is a university for all, so there is no form of discrimination based on your sex, color or political affiliation.
    1. The university of Abuja also s provide and promote scholarships to deserving students.
    2. Apart from scholarships the university of Abuja also promote academic research, if you want to conduct research in any field the university is open to you
    3. The university of Abuja also have school of post graduate studies, academic programmes of distance learning.
    4. If you are worker that cannot enroll for full time programmes there are programmes that you can enroll for that best suit your needs with out interference with your work schedule.



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